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The Club is the perfect portable podium made with beautiful solid hardwood that is easy to use and easier to move.


The Club is our most popular portable podium.  Probably because of Its gorgeous solid hardwood construction.  Very possibly, it is the most attractive portable podium on the market.


It comes in Oak, Walnut, Cherry, Maple, and Sapele.  Also, we offer it in ten standard stains plus custom stains.  Additionally, our custom stains range from A to Z.  Furthermore, we specialize in matching existing wood.  This allows The Club to fit perfectly in its new environment.


The Club is extremely sturdy but lightweight and mobile.  To move it, just tilt it back on its 2” casters and easily roll it where you need it.  It comes in two pieces so that it can arrive via UPS or FedEx Ground.  It does not require Motor freight.  To assemble it, you only have to insert four machine screws that are provided.

Sound System

An optional 150 watt sound system makes it perfect for audiences numbering up to several hundred people.  The sound system comes with a wired microphone that is mounted on a Clockaudio SM93 shock mount, a wireless handheld microphone, and a Bluetooth receiver.  Additionally, it has a second wired microphone input, line out, and speaker out connections.  It’s specifications are located here.


Logos are a great way to promote your brand and dress up The Club.  Consequently, we offer optional logos in custom solid hardwoods, Aluminum, and acrylic.  We typically mount acrylic logos on stainless steel standoffs.  We install them in the factory to your specifications.  Universities often put their mascot or image.  It looks great!  You just need to send us a file that we can work with, and we will take it from there.


The Club is 21.5″ wide, 21″ deep, and 46.875″ tall.  Detailed dimensions are located in this drawing, LC Drawing

Additional information

Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 21.375 × 21 × 46.75 in


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