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The Keynote is a gorgeous Wood Lectern that is constructed out of Solid Hardwood.  It includes adjustable height and a installed sound system as options.

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There is only one way to describe The Keynote Wood Lectern. Gorgeous! It is made from solid hardwood. There is not much more beautiful that professionally finished hardwood. The color, the grain, the sheen. It’s just hard to beat.

Additionally, The Keynote Wood Lectern is functional.  It is mobile.  And, it is customizable.  For instance, It comes on 3″ heavy duty swivel casters with the rear casters lockable.  Likewise, the work surface is removable.  Even more, it has a height adjustment option that allows the work surface to range between 34″ and 59″.  Not to mention, a sound system can be installed.  Furthermore, the sound system is 150 watts and includes speakers, a wireless microphone, a wired microphone, and Bluetooth capability.  Lastly, it has a fixed shelf.


The Keynote Wood Lectern comes standard in

  1. Walnut,
  2. Oak,
  3. Maple,
  4. Cherry, and
  5. Sapele

solid hardwoods.  Altogether, there are nine standard finishes.  However, it can be custom stained in a wide range of colors and finishes.  Accordingly, Sound-Craft sets itself apart with its ability to color match.  Ideally, we would like a piece to match.  If that is not an option, with a picture and a few iterations, and we can normally hit the target.

Standard Features

The Keynote Wood Lectern’s standards features are

Poplar Options

The Keynote Wood Lectern unit is awesome, but a lot of customers choose one or all of these options

Further, the front panel come standard as a solid hardwood raised panel.  Additionally, we can exchange it for a flat wood veneer piece.  Alternatively, can be black cloth.  Consequently, a sound system will require it to be cloth.


The Keynote Wood Lectern is 27.5″ wide, 24″ deep, and 48.375″ tall.  As well, detailed dimensions can be found in this drawing, The_Keynote_3L_Rev4 Drawing.


Additional information

Weight 149 lbs
Dimensions 27.25 × 24 × 49 in


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