Sleek Hardwood Lectern | The Windspear


The Windspear is a sleek cousin to The Club portable podium that is made with the same beautiful solid hardwood.  Similarly, it is easy to use and easier to move.


Sleek Hardwood Lectern | The Windspear is a stylish variation of The Club portable podium.  It is a solid hardwood unit that is simple and very attractive.  The beauty of the solid hardwood stands out and makes it an ideal choice for high end executive venues.

Further, the solid hardwood makes The Windspear one of the tougher podiums on the market.  At the same time, damage to the sleek hardwood lectern can be repaired in most incidences.  Therefore, it can stand the test of time and endure a difficult life in corporate America and the university environment.


Sleek Hardwood Lectern | The Windspear comes standard in

  1. Walnut,
  2. Oak,
  3. Maple,
  4. Cherry, and
  5. Sapele

solid hardwoods.  Altogether, there are nine standard finishes.  However, it can be custom stained in a wide range of colors and finishes.  Accordingly, Sound-Craft sets itself apart with its ability to color match.  Ideally, we would like a piece to match.  If that is not an option, with a picture and a few iterations, and we can normally hit the target.

Additionally, we can provide it in Melamine, Wood Veneer, and High-Pressure Laminate with slight modifications.


Sleek Hardwood Lectern | The Windspear is extremely sturdy but lightweight and mobile.  To move it, just tilt it back on its 2” casters and easily roll it where you need it.  It comes in one piece.


Logos are a great way to promote your brand and personalize The Winspear.  Consequently, we offer optional logos in custom solid hardwoods, Aluminum, and acrylic.  We typically mount acrylic logos on stainless steel standoffs.  We install them in the factory to your specifications.  Universities often put their mascot, symbol, or abbreviation on the logo.  It looks great!  You just need to send us a file that we can work with, and we will take it from there.


Sleek Hardwood Lectern | The Windspear is 24″ wide, 18.25″ deep, and 46.5″ tall.  The detailed dimensions are located in this drawing, Windspear Drawing

Additional information

Weight 62 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 18.25 × 49.5 in


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