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The Investigator is a Custom Podium that Sound-Craft designed specifically for a federal agency.  They asked, we answered.  They described what they needed, we took their information and created drawings and renderings of our idea.  After a few revisions, we created exactly the unit they needed.

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The Investigator is a custom podium that Sound-Craft designed specifically for a federal agency.  It is unique in that it has a LG 43LT340C 43″ monitor mounted flush in its front panel.  Additionally, it has a Planar PT1945R 19″ touch screen monitor and a Crestron TSW-760 touch screen mounted in its Deluxe Combination Work Surface.  Furthermore, it has


The actual custom lectern is made with black high pressure laminate.  However, other options are wood veneer, Melamine, or carpet.  Years ago, we made one out of carpet.  You can see pictures in the gallery.  On this particular unit, the high pressure laminate makes it tough.  High pressure laminate is the most durable choice.  Melamine is a good option to reduce cost.  Consequently, Melamine is not as wear resistant.


Contrary to popular beliefs, creating a custom podium is not difficult or lengthy.  For example, Sound-Craft had a customer contact them with an idea, and the resulting unit shipped two days later.  For that to happen a lot of factors have to align.   The typical timeframe is not as long as you might think.


Lastly, a custom podium doesn’t have to be expensive.  Typically, they cost more than standard units due to their lower volume and the additional design and engineering required.  But they are not as costly as you might think.  Specifically, custom lecterns that use typical materials and are not too large have very reasonable prices.  Before you purchase your next podium, contact us.  A custom podium will likely be your best option.  It definitely won’t hurt to consider it.


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