Monitor Stand | The Visualizer


The Monitor Stand | The Visualizer is an attractive credenza that is built around a large visual display that rises from within.  It comes in many finishes on 3″ heavy duty casters.


The Monitor Stand | The Visualizer is for the presenter that needs to bring their message to life on a large display device.  The flat screen monitor rises from within the beautiful unit by the touch of a button.  When not in use, the display device descends into the protection of The Visualizer.

The Monitor Stand | The Visualizer supports most monitors up to around 50″.  If a larger monitor is desired, the cabinet can be modified to accommodate it.


The Monitor Stand comes in five finishes

Standard Features

It has with five standard features

Poplar Options

To help it fit every application, The Presenter Podium has many popular options.  Likewise, here are a few of them


The Monitor Stand | The Visualizer is 47.5″ wide, 25″ deep, and 88″ tall.  Detailed dimensions are located here, CDZ2_750_183_AS_EH_FA_LD Drawing 2D.


  1. See “How do I Purchase a Podium Online?” for detailed instructions on how to order The Visualizer online.


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