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The Educator Teaching Station is perfect for the multimedia classroom with 34 rack units of audio video equipment storage and ample work surface area for laptops, monitors, and whatever else your students need.

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The Educator Teaching Station is the perfect solution for today’s multimedia classroom.  Accordingly, it is an all in one unit.  Likewise, It has abundant equipment storage capacity for audio equipment, video equipment, and computer hardware.  With optional front rack rails, it can hold 34 rack units of audio video equipment.  Additionally, with the optional cooling fan(s), it will keep the damaging warm and hot air away for the equipment.  Furthermore, the internal compartment is spacious with plenty of volume for organized cable management.  With its wide opening rear doors and removable front access panel removed, all of the installed equipment is easily accessible from both the front and rear.  Consequently, The Educator Teaching Station removes the burden of not being able to efficiently install and connect all of your multimedia devices.


The Educator Teaching Station comes standard in one of our beautiful wood veneer finishes.  However, it also comes in all of our Melamine finishes as well as our high pressure laminate finishes.

  • Wood Veneer,
  • Melamine,
  • High Pressure Laminate, and
  • Carpet.

Standard Features

The Educator Teaching Station comes with eight standard features.  To summarize, they are

Poplar Options

Many options are available.  Four of the most popular are


The Educator Teaching Station detailed dimensions can be found in this drawing, WSV40_750 Drawing.  Moreover, a 3D drawing if The Educator Teaching Station can be downloaded here, 3D Drawing.


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